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For Sale By Owner

Selling or purchasing a property is an exciting event but you need to make sure the transaction is properly documented and complies with all legal requirements. We’ve assisted countless individuals and investment companies with acquiring or selling property in Michigan. We can assist you with documenting and closing the transaction.

Our For Sale By Owner Information Packet provides a step-by-step guide for buying or selling real estate in Michigan:

• Overview and timeline of a typical transaction
• Summary of the documents required to purchase and sell real estate in Michigan
• Summary chart showing roles, responsibilities and tasks required by each transaction participant
• Title search and commitment order form
• Purchase agreement
• Earnest money deposit form
• Seller’s disclosure statement
• Lead-based paint disclosure form
• Mortgage payoff authorization form
• Water and sewer escrow agreement
• Occupancy escrow agreement
• Closing checklist
• Post-closing critical information sheet

Our dedication to excellent service includes:

• For Sale By Owner Information Packet
• Single point of contact
• Superior communication
• Knowledgeable and professional staff

Choose Bridge Title if you are buying or selling property.